Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cedar city July 2015

 Finally a trip to Gammie's and Grandpa's house. We didn't come last summer because we just opened Bahama Bucks. It was nice to get out of the heat. Once we got their our days were jam packed.
 The first day we went to the reservoir. It was breezy and the water was cold, but it didn't stop the older girls from swimming and playing in the water.

 After that we went to lunch and then went to the aquatic center for more fun while Macie was taking her nap.
 The next day, Grandpa took us fishing. We all wore Grandpa's hats, bought some bait (worms) and headed to the lake. At first the kids were scared to touch the worms and fish they caught, but by the end, they didn't think twice.
 They each caught fish and reeled it in. They learned to cast the line and put bait on the hook.

 A successful fishing outing and learned some patience in the meantime. It took us an hour before we started catching anything.

 Levi was definitely in his happy place and so eager to help Grandpa out.

 The next day we met my friend Jaime for lunch and got ready for our motorhome camping trip. The kids were beyond thrilled to ride in the motorhome and go camping. We camped at Duck Creek and had a blast!
 The campsite was so pretty, shady, and table, fire pit, and lots of tall trees to play hide and go seek at night.
 Playing marbles was part of our day fun.

 At night we roasted marshmallows, fed the chipmunks, ran around an obstacle course we made up, and you guys visited hideaway you had found.
 Macie had to take several baths cuz she would get so dirty.
 The 2nd day of camping we drove to Mammoth caves. We all crawled and walked through 3-4 underground caves. We all had fun exploring and getting really dirty.

 Hot chocolate in the morning was a must!

 This, above, was the hideaway the kids found and played around.
 Standing on top of the caves.
After our camping trip, mom had Younique party for me and I spent a lot of time starting Jordyn's baptism quilt.
Mom treated us to a horseback ride one morning.
 Again, the kids were so excited and happy to ride real horses and take an hour long ride with a guide. Jordyn's horse was a little crazy, so she had to change horses and the guide helped her and his wife helped Levi and his horse follow around.

 Macie and I rode on the same horse and I was impressed she sat still and was happy as a clam for an hour!

 My favorite picture of Levi! I love this!
 As if my kids didn't have any fun we ended our trip the night before and took the girls to see Beauty and the Beast at the Tuacahn theater in St. George. An amazing performance as usual.

 The girls were lucky to see the 2 main characters after the show and were definitely happy to meet them in person. They fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.

 Last but not least we had plenty of time to ride the 4 wheelers. We had to get one last ride before we drove home to Gilbert. The kids love going fast.


gammie said...

Wow! I didn't see some of these pictures before!! We sure did have a great time!!!

gammie said...

I just finished showing Dad all these pictures!! He laughed and we both LOVED looking at all of them!!!!