Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 The day after school started, I flew to Chicago for a Younique convention. I met up with Leanna (my freshman roomie at BYU) and a few people from her team.
 We checked into our hotel. Leanna and I stayed with 2 girls from TX. We didn't know them before, but we all became good friends and still keep in touch today. Our first stop was a legit pizza place. Pix above and below. We met with some other friends and we all clicked at stayed together the whole weekend.
 That night was an 80's party. Most everyone dressed in neon. Not me. I borrowed Brooke's piligimist costume. I got lots of compliments just so you know.

 The next two days were filled with classes/lectures to help your business. I became friends with Danielle, below, she also stayed in our room.
 Friday, everyone wore our team shirts.
 After the first day of classes a big group of us took a architecture river cruise.
 I found 2 AK friends, holly and lisa. We got to catch up with each other in a cab.
 Gala night, everyone dressed up and awards were handed out. One morning, Elizabeth Smart spoke.
 The last day we went to the top of the Chrsyler building with the big group. I really had a great time and am happy to be with Younique!

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