Thursday, November 11, 2010

brother and sister

Levi started making this face. He usually makes it when I'm feeding him and he wants more.

This is Jordyn in the picture below a few years ago. She made the same face when she was 11 months. She did it for more food too.
I guess they are related. Jordyn is very protective of her brother whom she calls Boo-Bye. Sadly boo-bye is starting to evolve to his real name, Levi. Back to the protective part. One day Jordyn was holding Levi by his onesie so he wouldn't fall down the stairs, and Jeff and I made a big deal about it, calling her a HERO. Ever since then, she has taken it upon herself to watch his every move (literally). Every time he stands up against the couch or anything, Jordyn is right there trying to help him. Little does she realize, she probably causes more falls than preventing them. She also regulates what he does and does not put in his mouth. I love it when she tells him not to put the book in his mouth because he might choke on it or some of the other big, bulky toys we have around.


Carrie said...

so stinkin cute love love love it! We will miss you guys! have a great holiday season!

Coordination Queen said...

I love it! It's so cute when they are protective.

The Shaws said...

The resemblances in the top 2 photos are amazing...the nose, lips... Jordyn seriously has gorgeous hair.