Sunday, November 28, 2010

man vs. tech

Our direct TV couldn't get a signal because there was too much snow on the satelite (misspelled). Jeff took matters into his own hands and "built" a long pole to dust the snow off the satelite. The poled consisted of a pole to screw in light bulbs that are extremely high (someone gave that to us), the end of a broom stick, a fishing pole, and a flag. He got on top of the ladder (I wouldn't let him climb onto our snowy roof) and would hit the satelite and the vibration knocked off the snow. A few minutes later we had a signal and he was happy watching basketball in HD. Goes to show what is top priority around here
The tip of the fishing pole is above the tree. This wasn't long enough so he then added the flag...hey, whatever works, right?


The Shaws said...

Typical Jeff. I'm sure Sydney wouldn't have minded being on the tip of the pole if it were possible.

Amy said...

That is so funny!