Monday, November 15, 2010

the latest

Before the hectic chaos that the holidays bring, and with our family this include two little birthdays in December that need celebrating, I thought I should give a brief update of what we've been up too. I'm warning you that this isn't exciting stuff either, but they are the little things that I want to remember. Let's begin with the youngest.
1. Levi turned 8 months a few days ago. WIth every month that passes, I am in awe how quickly the time is going. This past month is no different. His 7 month should be called the Month of Mobility. He learned in one month to sit up by himself and mastered the art of crawling. As if that wasn't enough, he's learned to climb upstairs and furniture walk. He's a busy boy now exploring all the details of a house i.e. the water comeing out of the refridgerator into a cup, the vacuum, the dishwasher, outlets, remotes, and door stoppers are just to name a few. Last Saturday, I had my scentsy thing on, and he yanged on the cord, spilling the liquidfied wax on his head and onesie. Luckily he didn't not get any burns, but he still has wax stuck on his head. Not sure how to get that out. The good news, his head smells like cinnamon.

2. Jordyn has stopped taking naps and her and Sydney go to bed no later than 7pm....of course they wake up earlier than I would want. Jordyn's 3rd birthday is coming up in less than a month. She will start sunbeams in January and I hope to get myself in gear and sign her up for a dance class.

3. Sydney is almost finished with basketball. I love her aggression on court. She goes after the ball and if that means falling and sliding on court to get the ball, so be it. I secretly hope for her to score every game, because that's all she cares about. When she doesn't, I praise her for an assist, rebound, good pass, cheering for her teammates, her tenacity to get the ball, and trying her best, but all she cares about is seeing the ball go in the basket. She recently was whipping a belt around and whipped the end of it on her eye, thus her black eye. She is also looking forward to her 5th birthday coming up, also less than a month away. We're planning on spending the night at a hotel, swimming in the pool at the hotel, watching movies, pigging out, and opening presents. That's what they want to do and I'm looking forward to it. She is pleading to do gymnastics. I've been delaying the inevitable since we've moved up here. Mostly because it's quite the drive to the gym, but deep down I think this could be a talent of hers. Her favorite toy is our pull-up bar. She actually does a full pull-up. She walks up the door posts and stands up in the door way.

Sydney hangs out on this pull-up bar and the ledge to the side 50% of the time. Always has been a climber. Seriously, I'm thinking her future will include circus acts.
4. Since my kids are going to bed early, I've been doing some projects. Here are a few. As mentioned in other posts, we've also started to x-country ski, Jeff and I are raising money for special olympics and will participate in the polar plunge, I'm also planning on competing in a 5K snowshoe race with a friend the end of January (never thought I'd ever say that).
Thought our home could display the creative work of our children.
Finally put up some pictures of our family.

Getting sick of bows and clips stuffed in a drawer so made this frame, actually I already had the frame, to clip their bows on. I did however paint the frame a soft pink and glazed it black, glued ribbon to the frame and there you have it. Love projects that I can make in 5 minutes or less.
5. Opps. I messed up the age thing. Jeff should've been number 4, I'm 3 months older than he is. What has Jeff been up to? Work. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of him because he works--ALOT. I'm sure there are lots of work updates I could give, but I don't know all the details and would sound pretty lame if I attempted to explain. He works hard and I'm thankful for all of his hard work and devotion to be the best he can be at what he does. I'm thankful because I'm blessed to stay home with the kids, we're blessed to have the luxuries we enjoy, food in the fridge, heat to warm the house, and good health insurance. When Jeff isn't working he is playing with the kids. He unwinds by watching the Lakers and reading. Of course there are many things he'd want to do, but someone has to work.


Kirsten said...

Sydney has some serious muscle! I bet she will do really well at gymnastics. Your kids are all so cute!

Alice said...

Lauren, you're girls are just like you. So cute!

The Shaws said...

That was fun reading all the updates. I can't believe Levi pulled the wax on his head. I have one of those too. I need to be careful bc Matt gets into everything! Sydney is seriusly the same as I remeber her down her, feraless. The climbing and pull-up make me think she would be bomb at gymnastics too.

Coordination Queen said...

What a fun birthday idea! I'll have to keep that one in mind. So glad Levi didn't get burned!

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog! It was so fun to read. I think I know what's going on, and then I read this and find out other things. The pictures are so fun!! seriously, Sydney is as strong as Jane! sign her up for Survivor!