Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Last week Sydney graduated from preschool. She had such a wonderful year with wonderful teachers. I think her favorite teacher was Ms. Chris. She's retiring this year, but she loved to hug her and just hang out by her. She said many wonderful things about Sydney to Jeff. She said Sydney is very smart and helpful. Many times Syeney offered to help other kids with things. She also said that Sydney loves school and she is kind to everyone. Sydney's favorite thing to do at preschool was arts and crafts. The graduation started at 11am. Everyone brought food and we ate in the classroom and talked with other parents and students. After that, the teachers handed each student their certificate. They also gave all the moms a picture from the mother's day tea party, a candle, and a scrapbook that Sydney made as a thank you for helping out in the classroom. It was very nice. I think right now Sydney is a little sad that preschool is over and not sure about Kindergarten. When I put her to bed she tells me she's going to miss me when she starts Kindergarten, but really I think I'll miss her more. She's leaving me alone with Jordyn and Levi. ahhhhhhhh. hehe.

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