Friday, May 20, 2011


Did I just fly to Utah from Alaska by myself w/ 3 kids in tow for it to snow four inches the next morning???? Seriously! If you don't know what irony is, now you do. Even though it snowed (and it's been raining ever since) we're all so excited to be here with Gammie and Grandpa. The kids and I haven't seen them in about 9 months. That's just way too long for grandparents not to see their grandkids.
The flights and kids were good considering it was about a 12 hour day. We met my parents in Vegas w/ only 1 black eye, 3 smelly kids, and 4 happy people. Next week we're all driving down to So Cal to go to Disneyland and Seaworld with my sister and her family. The kids are so excited to do these fun things with their cousins. Jeff will meet us in California and come back to Utah w/ us. I'm also looking forward to meeting a new nephew who will only be a few days old and for Jeff's family and some of my family in So Cal to finally meet Levi. We've been here for 3 days already and Jordyn and Sydney are still following my parents around like paparazzi. Every 10 minutes Jordyn will say, "I miss you so much. Can I live with you forever?" We've been swimming everyday at the aquatic center. Sydney loves the big slide which is no surprise and Jordyn went down the big slide twice, thanks to me...I pushed her down. Levi loves the little slide and everyday has fallen asleep as soon as we get back in the car. We all wish Jeff was here to enjoy these things with and my dad wouldn't mind a guy to watch basketball games with either.

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Alice said...

That's lame about the snow. Fun that you're on vacation seeing family.