Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Working boy

Even though Levi turns 14 months today there is no reason why I shouldn't put him to work and earn his keep around here. That's exactly what he did today. He actually did "go to work" today, I'm not lying. The work he did included playing with other boys and toys. It's not much work, but he did get paid for it. He is going to be in some baby movie. I think it's called Baby Genius 3. It's these super hero babies saving the world. Levi doesn't have a main role or anything, it's more of being in the background. They shot about 4 scenes with Levi and two other boys playing at home and at a day care. He did great; but then again is playing with toys really that difficult? I think I had more fun than he did. It was so interesting to be on set, helping out with Levi, and seeing how a movie is made. Some things that surprised me:
1. a nurse on set for the kids
2. a sign that read $5 fine for every curse word said when kids are on set
3. a play coach (aka clown)
4. the dozens of people needed for this low profile movie
5. Levi needing to go in the costume design room (his costume consisted of diaper and shirt)
I had to sign a work permit for Levi stating that a 1 year old can only work 2 hours at a time. He worked every minute of it and after he fell asleep within seconds of being in the car.
If you're wondering how he got this little part.....it was kinda random. I saw a sign at Sydney's preschool saying that they were auditioning for this movie and needed a 3 year old. I took Jordyn to audition and she got a call back. When she auditioned in front of the director, Sydney and Levi ended up auditioning in front of the director as well. Low and behold the one kid that couldn't talk, Levi, is the kid they end up picking. I find that hilarious. Yes, I'll have to sit thru 90 min. of a lame baby movie, but I can't wait to see how they edit it and see how much or little Levi is in the movie.Levi is in the blue shirt

After a hard day of work.


Anonymous said...

Following in Dad's footsteps? The pictures are so cute, especially the one of Levi sleeping after a hard day at the office!!!

Luisa said...

So that's what happened with it all, huh? No more word on Jordyn? Well that is so fun that you got to experience it with Levi. It is really exciting to be on set and see how it all works. Well, I'm excited to see the movie too...and yeah, I think it's time for Levi to get headshots dressed as a nerd peering over his glasses, or dressed as an army man with dirt smudged on his face...haha, sound familiar?

Grandpa Tim said...

Awww... the rewards of a hard days work