Tuesday, May 31, 2011

California trip

When we visit the lower 48 we must visit Utah and California to see family. This trip we wanted to take the kids to Disneyland and my mom thought this would be a great opportunity to go with us and my sister Brooke and her family. It's hard to get the 12 of us together and with my sister's family possibly moving further away because her husband will be in med school in a year who knows when we'll all be able to do a fun vacation together. This past Tuesday we headed in two cars to California. My sister and I road in the same car w/ 5 kids. We heard "how long have we been in the car?" more times than I can count. It avereaged once every 20 minutes. With a bag of peanut butter M&Ms nearby, my sister and I talked the whole way while eating those addictive yummy morsels and threw a few to the kids too.

Wenesday we went to Disneyland all day long. It wasn't a busy day so we went on all the rides we wanted to. All the kids were 40 inches or taller so we did all the adult rides as well. I wasn't sure if Jordyn would like the fast rides, but she loved them so much she begged for more sometimes thru tears. The kids favorite rides were Finding Nemo and Space Mtn. Levi also enjoyed all the rides he could go on: It's a small world, pirates of the carribean, carosal, snow white, and others. Thankfully he did get some sleep in a stroller. We were at Disneyland for 12 hours and with 7 kids we only lost 2 kids throughout the whole day. Some highlights: Brooke talking spanish to a couple that spoke portugeuse, mom falling and hurting her knee becuase we were trying to take a picture while jumping, watching people's reactions to Matt's beard, Rowan getting lost, Star Wars ride that brooke talked her way into going on, minimal wait for rides, and running on as many rides 15 minutes before the park closed. It was so great to all be together and for the cousins to hang out with.
Sydney loved riding the roller coasters w/ her cousins.

Jordyn was just tall enough to ride the "roller casters." She rode all of them and would've loved ride them over and over again.

The whole crew in the morning.
Mom and dad with 7 of their grandkids.

Thursday--I thought the kids would sleep in but they didn't. We stayed at Luisa and Marc's house in La Habra. We woke up and headed to Fountain Valley to see my dad and brothers Ryan and Danny. We swam and hung out for awhile and headed to Huntington Beach to play in the sand and water. We also visited my brother's gravesite which I don't do often but still very special to me. While there the girls learned quite a bit about cemeteries, death, and much more. That evening we drove back to La Habra and went swimming with all Jeff's siblings minus Chris, parents, and grandparents and more of the girls cousins (Jake-3, Luke-3, Matt-1 1/2, and new baby Wes). We celebrated Tyler's 16th birthday and had fun splashing around in the pool.
Grandpa Levin aka Zeda and kids
Brooke, Danny, Me, and Ryan having some sibling fun
Huntington Beach

All the cousins together

Friday--My parents picked us up and we drove to San Diego to go to Seaworld. We saw lots of shows and exhibits and went on the Atlantis and River rapid ride. The kids loved getting drenched on those rides and the Shamu show. They sat in the "soak zone." Jordyn got lost again. She was found hiding behind a trash can. When a worker asked if her name was Jordyn, she said it wasn't. That's the difference between a 3 year old getting lost as opposed to a 6 year old (rowan) who told a worker she was lost and needed help. Highlights of today: all day dining pass that Brooke and I took advantage of, staying the night at a hotel, and visiting Kevin and Lisa at Campland. Another fun day of seeing the kids excitement and spending time together.
Levi pointing to a shark.

Watching the Shamu show sitting in the Soak Zone.
Saturday--We said our goodbyes and our family headed to a Greek Orthodox baptism for 2 second cousins while my parents and sister's family drove back to Utah. That evening we hung out at the Jun's house and all Jeff's family were able to hang out, talk, and I think a game was squeezed in their too.
Playing with Aunt Luisa
Baby Wes--just a few days old. Next time we see him, he'll be so much bigger.
Sydney giving lovies to baby Wes.
Sunday--went to church and drove back to Utah.

Although it was a jam packed 5 days, it was so much fun. It was fun for us to visit our family and see our kids get to know their cousins better. It was fun for our kids to go to the Happiest Place on Earth with their cousins and grandparents and for them to play with their cousins on both sides. It was 5 days with lots of laughter, little sleep, and countless memories. \

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Amy said...

That sounds like so much fun. I miss living near family. Even thought I am not really that far. We hardly ever visit. I am glad that you got to reconnect and have such a great time!