Saturday, June 4, 2011

National Parks

Wednesday and Thurday we went to Bryce Canyon National Park and Zions National Park. On Wednesday we took the kids to Bryce Canyon. I almost felt like I was home for a second when we slammed on the brakes for several deer in the street. Bryce Canyon was amazing. We were in awe of the millions of hoodoos we saw and the thousands of years it took to create such a magnificent sight. We would have loved to hike around, but with no jogging stroller and backpack it was impossible to achieve such a task w/ Levi. Levi was only interested in picking up sticks and rocks and he usually walks in the opposite direction of the rest of us. We spent several hours there walking around and watching a movie they had available for toursists.

The next day my parents watched the kids while Jeff and I drove to Zions National Park and took a hike to Angels Landing. It's a 5.5 mile (round trip) hike up a steep mountain. You ascend 1400 feet. They call it Angels Landing because one of the first orginal explorers said that the only way to get up this peak was for an angel to land on it. Well 90 years later there is a great trail with handrails in some parts for the steep/dangerous parts of the hike. It's not a hike for people who are afraid of heights. Once at the summit, we had a breath taking view of the entire canyon. It was a great date. We were looking forward to going tubing down the river after this hike, but unfortunately the waters were still very high and they weren't allowing people to tube down the river so we went home early.
We're hiking up clear to the top?? That looks more than 2.5 miles.

Takin' a breather
I'll just rock climb to the top.
Seriously, you're freaking me out. That's way too close to the edge.
Yes, we made it. We hiked up and down in 2 hr. 45 min.
Friday we spent most the day at Sand Hollow lake. Sydney and Jordyn loved tubing and watching Jeff and I ski. Sydney got up skiing on her first try, but when she fell she got a rope burn and didn't try again. It's always a good day when were out on the boat and waterskiing. Will post pictures when I get home. Tomorrow Jeff comes home and we stay here for another few weeks.

I love this picture of two sisters looking at each other laughing and having a blast.

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Coordination Queen said...

The pictures of y'all at angel's landing make me nervous. I don't know if I could do that one. Love the last picture of the girls. So cute!