Monday, June 27, 2011

all about Jeff

Today is Jeff's birthday and I haven't posted about Father's day so this post is all about Him. In fact saturday night I had to remind him his birthday was coming up. He's not anti-aging or anything it's just not a huge deal for him. On father's day I let him sleep in and I was going to make breakfast in bed but just as I was getting his plate ready to take upstairs he came down so he had breakfast on the couch. I got him (and Levi) matching ties. I know it's kinda cheesy, but I have to take advantage cuz he won't be going along with the whole Sadie Hawkins, dress like dad for many more Father's days. I couldn't resist how cute of the idea and it really was cute in person. The ward went all out and during the last 15 min. of church the men went in the cultural hall to eat pies, receive and wear "king of the day" crowns (thanks primary), and bow ties made of M&M bags.
Today Jeff worked so to me that's always a buzz kill when you have to work on your birthday, but since b-days are just another day to him he didn't mind so much. He of course got lots of phone calls, new roller blades (he ordered them online) and didn't have anything to open from us (another buzz kill in my book. I want presents. I wanna open something. I sound like a spoiled brat now. Okay it doesn't have to be much just unwrapping something is exciting). He did get great literary books from my mom that he requested, and his family comes Wednesday night. We made him a cake and for fhe we looked at his baby book, told stories (he informed me that his nickname in scouts was JD: Juvenile Delinquent. mmm. nice to know now and not 9 years ago when we were dating), and then we started working on the rock wall we're putting up in our house. I'm glad he's had some good days recently. I think he deserves it. We adore him. We wish he never left for work and we run to the door when he comes home from work.
made him this too.

Levi eating his cake and looks like he's wondering "what's so fascinating about eating cake." yeah, we gave him a haircut last night.


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Amy said...

I knew Jeff when we were little so I always have to fight the urge not to call him Jeffrey:)
I love the tile you made him and the apron and hair flower you made for your girls.
We also just went to Bryce Canyon and had a great time.
I always wondered if the shows at Tuacahn were somethign that my kiddos would it through . . .with your good review I'll have to attempt it:)

The Shaws said...

Gosh I have been meaning to call you. Feel like we haven't talked in a while...(I'm still trying to find my groove!). Those matching ties are an adorable idea. I love that picture. Wish I saw matching ties to get all the boys.