Sunday, June 5, 2011

Misc. part 1

1. Going on dates with gammie and grandpa
Sydney got this rapunzel costume so when it was Jordyn's turn for a date she wanted the same thing.

2. The Aquatic Center in Cedar City.
We got a month pass and go every chance we get.

3. Baseball in the front yard

Levi climbed on this mini motorcycle when we took a walk. The kids love playing outside. Why wouldn't they the weather has been awesome...better than what we're use to in AK.

4. Canyoneering
Jeff went on an all-day canyoneering adventure yesterday. It looked like something up my alley too. Lots of repelling, hiking, traversing in water and the next picture is "chimney(ing)."

5. Four Wheeling
We use my parent's four wheels alot. We use them to drive to the park, cattle corals to feed the cows, and out to dinner like in these photos. The girls love to do "rollercoasters" i.e. go on bumps and hills.

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