Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sew fun

We've done more four wheeling, more swimming, more playing, more riding horses, more cow feeding, and I've managed to squeeze some time to actually sew some projects. I rarely sew because I just find it impossible w/ 3 kids by my side wanting to "help." Believe me, I've tried and nothing gets done and I end up frustrated. But since I'm at my mom's house, I can actually sew during the day while the girls are outside or with my parents and they've been going to bed early w/ all the activities throughout the day. Plus, I have my mom to lead me in the right direction and ask questions. Sewing is complex in many ways. I've learned it takes a special sense of visualization that I often lack. Well I wanted to make the girls each a blanket and an apron. I'm stoked w/ how the aprons turned out, mostly because they're reversible and I love the ball thingies I put on them.Yes, I've been wanting to make these silk flower clips. I love them, because they're quick and easy and they don't have to be perfect. Does that make me a sloppy, lazy crafter? mmm.

The purple ones are one apron.

The pink ones are another apron, reversible.

Some more pictures of what we've been up to.
climbing trees
climbing poles. Levi is a psycho climber just like Sydney. He climbed to the top of the corral to watch his sisters ride horses.
Jordyn riding
Sydney rode the horse by herself and took control and led the horse where she wanted him to go.
Riding the 4 wheelers to the cows and feeding them was a evening ritual the girls looked forward to. We've had such a wonderful trip in so many ways. But we're happy to be going home and being together as a family again. We hope to do some fun, new things in Alaska this summer. As you know, I'll keep you posted on those things because I'm a freak like that.

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