Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just a week or two ago I mentioned that fall is just around the corner, well it's here. It's been here for about a week now. On Sunday it was sunny and warm, perhaps the last day before I need gloves and a snow jacket (boo-hooh), so what better thing to do than go on a family walk and enjoy all the beautiful warm, fall colors.

I just love this candid picture. We're all having a good time.
Seriously, the picture above could be a cover of a book or made into a puzzle.
Red, orange, yellow, green--love the changing season.

Another candid picture that makes me laugh. Running down the hill; Levi falls and the girls take no thought to help, let alone look to see if he's okay.

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Amy said...

What an absolutely beautiful place! If it could just look like that for a little longer before it got cold and snowy! I would love to be in a place that looks like that! Maybe next time the girls will help Levi up:) Funny