Friday, September 2, 2011

Front Yard

The titles of my blog posts are always soooo intriguing and captivating. It just pulls you right in. Well at least it's straightforward and you know what I'm going to talk about.
This past Monday was a hot, sunny day. When I say hot I actually mean it. It was in the mid 70's, but for some reason the mid 70's is actually hot here. I enjoy it hot. I appreciate warmth and sunshine more than ever. While Levi was napping, Jordyn and I enjoyed our front yard. She preferred picking berries from one of our trees while I enjoyed the beauty of the flowers in our front yard, after of course I had soaked in some much needed sun
.So intent on getting that "one special" berry.
After she got the lowest berries, she went inside and pulled out the stool to get the higher berries. She picked berries for an hour and then made some (berry, leafy, muddy) "soup."

I wish I could take credit for the flowers, but I have a brown thumb. Jeff planted and bought the flowers. The potted flowers on the ground totally grew and flourished.

Eagle River had a fairly warm summer, warmer than last summer. Monday was possibly our last summer day. The leaves are already turning and fall is just around the corner. Fall is a fast corner to turn because winter (to my records) starts the end of October. We have a trip to Maui planned in March so every day in winter I will look forward for a week and a half vacay in Maui.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Flowers and beautiful child picking berries! I can't believe her hair looks so straight!
Vacation to Maui-the perfect "carrot" to the impending winter!!! XO

Andrew and Cori said...

Yeah, I think if I lived in Alaska I'd probably plan a trip to Maui every winter too. :)