Wednesday, September 28, 2011

new family pictures

My wonderful friend took pictures of our family. Not only is she an amazing friend, she's also an amazing photographer....after all she managed to get some good pictures despite the torture it was to take these pictures. It was dinner time. The kids were hungry, cold, and not interested in posing. I've decided next year to make it w/ lots of balloons or something. The pictures may turn out cheesy, it'll be an experiment, but at least it won't be torture for everyone involved. I love how the idea is to try and capture a loving, happy family and in reality the moment is utterly psychotic. Well with that said, we do all love each other and these people pictured wether they're looking at the camera or not, smiling or not, listening or not, make me the happiest person I've known. I love my shaw squad!
Love kissing this boy and can't stop staring at him. Every feature (lips, cheeks, nose) are to die for.

This girl is full of emotion and expression. She is a sweetheart.

This beauty is wise and tender-hearted. LOVE her.

The picture above is in our backyard.

Love HIM. Sexy, supportive, smart, and silly...glad he's my man. Since I'm talking about everyone, I'll mention something about myself. This brunette, although I'm thinking about going blonde again, is surprisingly tenacious and full of life, even though at first glance some may think I'm subtle and dull.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! I was wondering if you could put some on a disk for me. The close up of the kids would be better suited to my 5X7s.
All of you are picture perfect!!

Coordination Queen said...

You forgot to mention that that brunette is beautiful. Love the pictures!

Bowen Family said...

Great Pictures! Wow Sydney looks so grown up. You guys have a very photogenic family. We need to get together soon :)

Luisa said...

I love what you said about capturing the is ironic that taking the pictures is so torturous, and all you are trying to capture is your happy family...oh well, we all go through it! It was worth it because you have some GREAT pictures there. My fave family one is the one at the bottom where you are all spread out and holding hands. And then every single individual one of the kids is seriously AMAZING...and the one of you and Jeff. I love them!!

Amy said...

LOVE those pictures!!!! I wish I had your neck of the woods for background instead of desert! That picture of you and Jeff is so beautiful! Your kids look so captivating in the shots! Good job you guys!

Andrew and Cori said...

You always look so beautiful. And Levi's eyes are amazing!

Kirsten said...

Dull? No, definitely not!! I adore your pictures. Your family is beautiful, as are you.