Friday, September 9, 2011


This week Jordyn started Lions and Lambs preschool. She was so excited that it was finally her turn to start going to school. I was so happy for her because she has been waiting so patiently for her special day. On our way to the church bldg, where her school is inside, she found one of those weeds (can't think of the name) that you blow and make a wish. She made about 3 wishes with 3 different weeds and wished she'd love preschool. After this pit stop, she ran to her classroom, picked the apple with her name on it, and started playing. That was it. I said goodbye and gave her a kiss, but I don't think she really noticed. Her teachers are Ms. Marie and Ms. Danielle. There are 10 kids in her class. When I picked her up and asked how school was she said, "I don't like Ms. Danielle. She said I couldn't be line leader." grunt and pouty face ensued thereafter. She'll be line leader next Thursday when she brings snacks. Other than that minor detail, she loves preschool. She wishes she could go everyday. Although I've only experienced 2 days of her and Sydney both in school, it's been nice just hanging out with Levi, quiet, but nice. Levi loves having alone time w/ me and/or Jeff.


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! I can't believe they are all growing up so fast!!! Make them STOP!!!!

Amy said...

She is so cute!

Kirsten said...

Where did you get those adorable knee socks! She is just a doll.