Monday, July 29, 2013

Grandma Marianne's 80th birthday

It's hard to sum up this past weekend. Jeff's Grandma turned 80 and the whole family (54 people) celebrated in Big Bear, CA. She rented a huge cabin for the family and booked hotels for the families with young kids and newborns. We drove up Friday. It was most people's first time seeing Macie. Saturday we went to the park while Grandpa, Gene, Terry, Jeff, Marc, and Adam went mtn. biking. For Grandma's present, everyone chipped in to pay a professional photography to take pictures of the whole family. We did that Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we had Grandma's big birthday party. Sunday we did the alpine slides and hung out, said goodbyes to families who left that day. We left Monday morning.
Uncle Eric with Levi
Jordyn and I
 Luke and Jordyn waiting
 Lauren Harper and Jordyn
 Sydney so excited to go on the chair lift by herself

 Jordyn and I coming down on the slides.

 Aunt Tricia relieving me of a fussy Macie. Macie was completely out of sorts all weekend. Apparently she thrives on routine. I'm happy that she's happy to be home now.
 Levi and Jake wrestling and having fun with Uncle Marc.
 Playing pool, foosball, ping pong, and air hockey were fun things the cabin had and everyone enjoyed.
The view from loft area.

The kitchen. Everyone had duties of preparing meals and/or cleaning up after.
 Jordyn holding her new cousin-Brinley
 The kids preparing dinner--shucking corn (I think that's what it's called)
 Me and Brinley. She's only 3 weeks old.
 Luisa and Macie
 Macie and Brinley getting to know each other.

 Playing on the exercise equipment was more fun than the slides and swing I guess.

 Victoria and Avery
 Levi swinging

 Many people getting ready for the game Lauren Harper prepared.
 One of the activities was dressing up like grandma when she rides in the convertible. Luisa won.
 Jordyn trying on grandma's wig, scarf, and lip stick
 The kiddos entertaining themselves on someone's IPAD

The Jeopardy game about Grandma. We answered questions about  grandma's life.
It was so much fun to get together and visit. I loved being in the mountains and took advantage of the cooler weather. I wish we could do this more often.

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Anonymous said...

What a great get-together! Happy birthday Marianne!!