Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Fourth

 It was sooo nice to have a 4 day weekend and spend lots of time with Jeff. We started off the 4th with a ward breakfast.
 The activity day girls and leaders sang "You're a Grand Ole Flag" at the breakfast. I brought Sydney and Jordyn up with me because there was only 1 girl there. The other 11 were all out of town.
 Levi and Jordyn in the fire truck that came to pay a visit to all the kids.
 Then there was the parade.

 That night we went swimming and had a BBQ at the Petersen's with some other families. Jeff doing a back flip.
 The kids enjoying their "water slide."

 Levi saw Jeff do a backflip and then wanted to try himself. I love that he has no fear but at the same time it scares me.
 We had our own firework display and watched some major ones from the street. The kids loved it. It took awhile for Jordyn to warm up to holding a sparkler.

It was a nice, relaxing day. A day to reflect on our many blessings, one being our freedom. I'm grateful for the many people who today and a few hundred years ago fought for the freedom we have today.

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