Monday, July 22, 2013

The solar system

Last week and today we learned about the solar system. We did lots of fun projects. My kids love art so we did a lot of painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, and eating oreos...okay so oreos have nothing to do with art but they also love a treat and since I never buy oreos they were pretty excited about that. 
 Here is our finished project of the planets in relation to the sun. We painted styrofoam balls and made it. Levi and Jordyn are holding pictures they colored and glued on black paper. They also stuck some space stickers on their pictures.

 We also learned about stars so we made the Big Dipper out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Before this project we went into one of our dark closets with no windows and turned on this small planetarium. I showed them the planets of course and many of the constellations.
 This art project-not sure if you can tell- is our planet Earth. We colored with blue and green marker on a coffee filter sprayed water on it and let it dry and this is our planet. The only planet with oceans.
 This was probably the kids favorite for obvious reasons. We learned about our moon. Watched Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon. Thanks to YouTube. We learned and named the moon phases with oreos.
 A poster we found found that had stickers of the planets that we put on the poster. The poster is now hanging in Levi's room and the stickers glow in the dark. An added bonus.

 Sydney and Levi painting the styrofoam balls for our solar system.
Levi loving this oreo activity. While we worked on these projects we listened to planet songs for children on You Tube for more repetition. The biggest thing we learned is that PLUTO is no longer a planet, as of 2006. It's a dwarf planet in its classification. Am I the only one that didn't know that? Tomorrow I'll teach them about gravity and how Earth orbits the sun and how the moon orbits the moon and then we're done with this. We had a lot of fun as you can tell.

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Anonymous said...

I love how you go all out for their enrichment learning!!! Rocks and the solar system did they pass the final exam? I know you've kept up on the states, It is really amazing how much they learned!!