Monday, May 19, 2014

random stuff

1. Necklace I suggested Jeff buy me for Mother's day.
2.  Jordyn's Kindergarten muscial. It was about insects and arachnids. Tallest girls stand on back row. I never stood on the back row. Not sure where she gets her height.
 3. slip-n-slides. This bought us 3 hours of non-stop play time, and surprisingly no fighting, the first day. I love that it's big enough for all 3 to slide on at the same time. Jeff hit a home run with this item.
 4. Levi just looking so handsome before school.
 4. Macie wearing a hair clip that she didn't rip off right away. I snuck it on her head without her knowing. Macie has a fetish with toothbrushes, Q-tips, and pencils. Can you pick out the the common denominator with the 3 objects? Long, skinny items. It always frightens us that she going to fall with it in her mouth. We take it from her and a fit ensues. But she is a cute, little, juicy, Gerber baby. I always get asked, "where does she get her blonde hair from?," "were your other kids blonde?," and comments how cute her eyes and cheeks are. The back of her hair is curly. She signs: ball, dog, airplane, Jesus, more, and bird. I'm currently teaching her 'please'.  She LOVES when I show her the picture of Jesus and the temple in our house. She smiles and giggles. Her favorite book is "Little Blue Truck."

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