Sunday, October 31, 2010


I enjoyed having a superhero, ladybug, pumpking, and Clark Kent in my house for Halloween. I can't believe we went this year without a princess costume. That should tell you the spell or rather the power of persuasion I have on my girls. I made Sydney's super hero costume. I'm definitely a beginner at sewing (as if I needed to explain'll see in the picture). Luckily she doesn't care of my sewing abilities and loved the cape and mask I made her. We did the typical Halloween activities: read halloween stories, halloween crafts involving pumpkins and ghosts, decorating our house, carving pumpkins, making pumpkin bread, the ward's halloween carnival, and trunk or treating. I was the Publishing Clearing House person handing out checks to the winners. After the ward party, Jeff and I went to a friend's party. The kids got loads of candy and now I have to regulate on the consumption of it all. Fiona won
Mickey and Minnie Mouse scored a million
Our friends, the Pete's won
Love this picture of Jeff and Levi


Annie said...

Publisher's Clearing House - that is awesome! Sounds like you had a "fund" day haha. Ok, that was dumb :) lol

Coordination Queen said...

I love your costume! So creative. Looks like y'all had fun!

The Shaws said...

I love seeing what everyone was for halloween. Timmy was superman for our ward party. Levi looked so cute as a pumpkin.

Luisa said...

That's kinda funny that Jeff was Clark Kent and Timmy was Superman...they're on the same wavelength I guess:) The kids all looked so cute! I love all the pictures. Your costume was so funny with the big check.