Monday, October 18, 2010


Levi learned to sit up by himself. He's crawling all over the place too. I'm a little paranoid that he'll stick one of the girls little toys in his mouth so we have to be very careful with those things.
Jordyn started riding a bike with training wheels. She has learned her alphabet. She can tell me the sounds of about 50% of the letters with 100% accuracy. She knows all her colors, some shapes, and counts to 10. I should probably start working on writing: drawing a line, circle, tracing etc. She likes me to read to hear and loves to open and book and look at it herself. She loves giving compliments to people. At the doctor's office today, she must have given 10 compliments to about 5 different people. I love that about her.
Sydney has started to sound out words. She read the words Prayer, song, lesson, treat (on our FHE board). After that random episode of reading, we started working on the typical 3 letter words: cat, dad, top, pot, etc. Today I taught her to add and subtract using Spicy Cheese-Its. Last sunday she had her primary program. Sydney's part was reciting the 3rd article of faith. She did great. She has also memorized the first two. She's loving preschool. I think I love it as much as she does. We love her teachers (Ms. Christine and Ms. Chris). They do a wonderful job! All three kids got flu shots today. Levi and Sydney did good. Miss J, on the other hand, was a bit dramatic about it all. Seriously, she has some mad acting skills. She must get it from Jeff.

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Anonymous said...

"Honey" girl is so cute! when I talked to Sydney today and she told me they are learning the letter E and its sound, she sounded out the word bet when I spelled it. These times that you watch your children learn and grow are priceless! XO