Thursday, October 28, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite things"

I finally saw an Oprah that I wanted to watch on our TIVO. As you can tell by the title of my post the show was about The Sound of Music. As many others, I loved that musical, watched it many times (that and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), and wished I could be in a musical too. I still would love to be in a musical--I love to sing and dance; the only problem is that I'm neither a singer nor a dancer. I have scored well on Karaoke Revolution and took several ballroom dance classes at BYU, but unfortunately those did not transform me into a musical diva. I'm excited to watch the movie again, this time with my family. After all, my family ARE my favorite things. Also looking forward to Thanksgiving and thinking more about my favorite and thankful things. Some of my other favorite things other than my family are:

-extended family
-watching the Olympics
-clean sheets
-christmas lights and fireworks
-when my kids are playing well together
-when Jeff has Monday off
-having my mom visit
-general conference
-warm clothes from the dyer
-smell of food cooking in the oven
-my bed
-Jeff's cologne
-peanut butter M&Ms
-buying a new item of clothing
-a good deal
-packing for a vacation
-looking at stars
-finding money in a pocket
-fresh air
-getting a package in the mail


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Anonymous said...

I like this post! We have many things the same on our lists. I loved the pictures- Sydney and Jordyn - classic kid pics ! You're one of my favorite things!!