Friday, October 1, 2010

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

You will never believe what just happened at our least that is the state Sydney and Jordyn are still in. Rudolf the red-nose reindeer himself just ding-dong ditched our house and left us a gift at our front door. All I could see was his red nose of course and his bum as he went running away. I called out to Syd and Miss J to see but they just missed it. I did yell out a big "thank you" so Rudolf could know just how grateful we were for his gift.
It's so funny I've been wanting personalized stockings for 5 years now and everyone has a special different stocking too. Sydney's an angel, Jordyn's a Santa, Levi's a train, mine is a snowman, and Jeff's a reindeer. Wow! We must have been pretty good this past year, I hope our good behavior can stay intact the rest of the year. If you're reading this Rudolf....thanks again you're the best!

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Shelbi said...

What new stockings? What are you thinking? I get's hard work making new matching ones each year :) How long did you keep our homemade ones?