Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dip Netting

This past Wednesday we went dip netting. Let me rephrase that, Jeff went dip netting while I tended to the kids. However, I would've loved to dip net myself, but since Jeff went with 3 other guys, that would've been a little weird. We went with a few of our neighbors. One of our neighbors that we went with has a cabin in Kasilof. We drove down there Tuesday night, stayed in their cabin, and the guys went dip netting in his boat the next morning. Jeff had a blast. It was a beautiful, clear, and warm day. Last year we dip netted from shore and it was cold, slow, and crazy (other people lined up on shore are really competitive). Dip netting from the boat is nice because you can get more fish in a shorter amount of time and you're not dealing w/ other people from shore. Last year we spent about 6 hours (from shore) and caught 6 salmon. On Wednesday Jeff and the guys caught 114 in 5 hours. We took home 35 salmon which should be more than enough for our family this winter. While he went fishing, me and the kids went to the beach w/ my friend and her kids and looked for shells and rocks. We also went to a lake and rode their 4 wheelers. When we came home we fillet our fish and now we have a freezer filled w/ red meat. From the beach you could see Mt. Redoubt. Right before we moved here this volcano was extremely active.
The kids playing in the lake.
Like I said it was a beautiful day. When we drove home Wednesday night we saw this sight. It was so beautiful. Keep in mind, it was 11:15 pm and this is how clear it was.
First Jeff cut off the head, then cut a slit on the belly and pulled out guts and any eggs, and then he just cut the meat off on each side, making 2 large fillets.
Lots of bloody fish. We fillet them on our driveway. I was a nervous wreak because just 2 days prior the kids and I were in the front yard when a black bear and 2 cubs were right across the street from our house, and here we were filleting fish.
Sydney with her new eyeball.
Jordyn holding some fish eggs.


adairfamily said...

Lauren, there is no post attached. I am excited to see the pics and here the details of the amazing fishing trip.

Bowen Family said...

You have true Alaska girls! It looks like the kiddo's had fun too!

trimarie said...

Wow, what a great haul! I'm jealous. I passed up some salmon at Costco the other day 'cause I just couldn't bring myself to pay the outrageous price. How does your freezer hold it all? Love the pictures of the girls with the fish parts. :)

Kirsten said...

That sunset is gorgeous! Dip netting is so much fun! I'm going to miss that when we move (sometime next summer)

Amy said...

I love salmon! How fun to catch your own. I used to git fish all the time when I was a kid, but I wonder if I still could. It kinda looks yuckier now! I can't believe you saw bear walk across your street! Crazy!

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