Friday, July 15, 2011

New Calling

This is my second time writing about this, the first time didn't work. What I'm getting at is that this post might not be as detailed as my first one. About 3 weeks ago, our Bishop asked to come over. Of course me and Jeff briefly discussed why he might come over. We concluded it was about this missionary in our ward who needs some financial assistance. He came over and we chatted about girls camp and then he said, "well I'm here for Lauren. Before I extend a calling I want to ask how long you plan on being in Alaska" {this is when I knew it was going to be a calling that is more time consuming than others. I immediately thought he was going to ask me to be the YW pres. since I was already in the auxillary}. Well, it wasn't that. He asked me to be the Relief Society pres. I was totally dumbfounded, shocked, speechless, you name it. All I could think of was why I wasn't qualified. About 5 minutes after he left I was over feeling under qualified. I knew/know that the Lord knows all my weaknesses and despite those shortcomings He still wants me to serve as RS pres. Dwelling on my weakness, faults, and shortcomings isn't going to allow me to serve and love the sisters so I knew that I had to focus on what the Lord wanted me to do. That night I prayed...a lot. I had to started thinking about the sisters, my goals, my counselors, and responsibilities. I read the handbook and I read the scriptures. Some topics I read about was revelation (Alma 26) and trust. Most of these scriptures mentioned faith. These three things all coincide together. I need to have faith and trust in the Lord always, but especially if I'm going to receive revelation for my calling, but also personal life. The counselors I prayed about and that are in my presidency is Sarah Rivera-1st couns. KD McCurdy-2nd couns. and Lisa Hullinger-Sec. These women are very strong in their testimony of the gospel, awesome mothers, fun-loving, and trustworthy. Last Sunday we all got sustained and set apart. Last sunday, my first sunday, I conducted RS. I was a little nervous, I've never been in a RS presidency let along Pres. thus the nerves. This week I've had a VT meeting, which we are calling all sisters and the beginning of next month plan on passing out new assignments. Yesterday I had my first presidency meeting, which also went very well. We're going to meet the 1st Monday of the month. I have noticed, and so has Jeff, that my general attitude has been more upbeat. Just an observation. Even though I have been busy this week with meetings, calling lots of people, planning various things, Jeff being gone for a few days, I've been able to get everything I want to get done and even fit in a few crafty things. I can already see the blessing of fulfilling my calling. I look forward to the experiences I'll have. I look forward to serving the sisters. I have felt the joy that comes through service already, maybe that explains the general happy attitude I've noticed that I mentioned earlier. I look forward to the blessings received, the friendships gained, and perhaps some of my weakness made stronger. I'm grateful for this calling that the Lord has entrusted me with and am humbled w/ the sisters who sustained me.

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