Friday, July 15, 2011

new projects

After we got home from the lower 48, Jeff started constructing the rock wall in our house. We had to do it upstairs because our basement is mostly made from cement. Jeff secured plywood to the existing wall. We painted the wood the same color as the walls and secured the holds. The holds are pretty small, I've tried to climb the wall and I can't, my fingers and toes are too big, but it's perfect for the girls. Now they have another thing to climb and exert energy (important for winter months in AK). Jeff and I were adding things up. Those "playgrounds" you can buy at Costco are over $1000. We've put in our basement a trampoline, 2 swings, and trampeze thing, plus this new rock wall and it all cost much less that half of a costco playground.
Note: Sydney's bed head. My girls get bed head like no man's business. They must get it from me:) It was 7:30am when I took this pix. My kids play hard so they sleep hard.

This week I made some colorful and personalized prayer rocks that I just wrote more about.

I was also feeling the urge to organize a bit so I came up with this file box that I will put Sydney's finished school work in. I'm only planning on putting her favorite and my favorite school work so we keep some of her work (art, writing, math, etc) but not every single paper she comes home with.

Some other big not preggers is that last sunday I was set apart to be RS Pres. (ummm....okay pick up your jaw now. No worries I was shocked too). So this week Jeff was gone for a few days, I was crazy busy w/ meetings, phone calls, planning, etc but somehow I was able to magnify (or try to at least) my calling, do these two easy projects, AND be a happy mommy. It's been a great week!


Melissa said...

Wow, I would never have thought to build a climbing wall in the house. That is brilliant! You should show pictures of the other cool stuff you've got going on in your basement.

By the way, I think you'll be a fantastic RS pres.

annie said...

that's amazing! i would love to see pictures of the other fun things too! so creative.

your projects always astound me! you are a wonderful mom, and now you'll get to be a wonderful RS president! wow! thanks for sharing!

Charlotta-love said...

I LOVE the idea of a rock wall in the house. And I agree with Mel and Annie, you'll be great with your calling!

Kirsten said...

I love your rock wall! And those prayer rocks are too cute. I may have to make one of those for Ila. You'll be great at your calling, I'm excited for you, and excited to work with you.