Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flat Top

Jeff trying to protect himself from the hail.

Last Saturday Jeff and I hiked Flat Top for our date. The day before I asked Sydney what Jeff and I should do for our date. She suggested we do "dinner and movie or do missionary work." We figure we can do dinner and a movie when it's winter time; as far as missionary work....we'll have to try that a different date night. We had never hiked Flat Top before. It's a popular hike in Anchorage. It's 3 miles round trip. This was the most painful date I've ever been on. So, as we were hiking it started raining, and rain turned into hail, and then the wind picked up....I would guess 40 mph. So hailing hitting us in the face at 40 mph, didn't feel great. But nonetheless we kept putting one foot in front of the other. We eventually made it to the top, at times I had wondered if forging ahead was the best idea. We made it down super fast, because the wind was pushing us. There were many times I wanted to step carefully and cautiously, but the wind blew me and Jeff into running, thus my several falls. Like I mentioned it was a painful date, but one I will never forget. By the time we made it back to the car we were completely soaked and muddy. We had a fun time laughing at the conditions and getting back into a warm car never felt better.
On a clear day people say you can see McKinley and the Aleutian Islands....not so much today.


Anonymous said...

if it was so miserable on top, why were you both smiling? Was it worse than the polar plunge?

Amy said...

Minus the hail and the falling and cold conditions, that looks like a way fun date! How cool that you guys get to do stuff like that! Maybe Kai and I can come visit you and you can take us on an adventure!

Amy said...

I also menat to say that on your side bar where it says blogs that I get ideas from, I just recently discovered a lot of those sites and I love them!

trimarie said...

I love Jeff's face in that middle picture. It cracked me up! Way to press on!