Tuesday, October 4, 2011

general conference

This past weekend was general conference. After the first session of Saturday, I told Jeff we should have a question in our minds that we want answered. Little did he know that I had been thinking about this for several days already. I wanted/want to know if our family is complete or if there is another spirit waiting to join our family. It's something I wonder about and it's a hard decision for many reasons. I was talking it over w/ Shannon and I told her I wanted my answer to come in a loud, undeniable voice.
Jeff asked what I had in mind. I told him we should pray and listen to know if our family is complete. I left it at that because I didn't want my thoughts to persuade him one way or another. The second session started and the second speaker was Elder Anderson. His talk was about family and children and he pretty much said that the number of children and when they come is a decision you prayerfully make w/ your spouse and the Lord. We were both amazed that we heard a talk exactly about the question we had in mind. Even though I hoped for a direct answer, I knew this would be the council I would hear.
Throughout the entire conference I heard a lot about receiving answer to prayer. I heard that most times it's a feeling or an impression on the mind and/or heart. I heard that although it can happen it's not always a "voice." I have heard all these things before, but what I learned is that it doesn't matter if it's a feeling, whisper, or loud voice.....it's an answer and no matter the audible level of the answer, the Holy Ghost is speaking, and it's what the Lord wants you to do and it is undeniable what you should do. I feel honored and humbled just to receive answer to prayer based on my worthiness and that is what matters. Being worthy, being prepared, recognizing and obeying the answers and promptings of the Holy Ghost should be our priority.

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