Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dec. 23

The anticipation of Christmas is getting more intense with each passing day. I love the excitement with the kids. I will miss it when they are older. This morning we were busy getting ready for our big party tonight. We moved the furniture around to open the space to accommodate our friends and of course we had to clean our entire house. At 3:30 we left to go to the children's hospital to sing carols to the kids. The Coy family came with us. There were only 6 kids in the hospital at the time. When we started singing the kids came out of their rooms to listen. Most of the kids had tubes and IV's in their arms. One nurse came out with a 1 year old patient. The nurse said he wasn't sure if he would make it. Although sorry for the afflictions this boy has to endure, it was nice to brighten up someone's day. The girls had a fun time singing and hopefully felt joy in serving others. After, we came home just in time to make it to our own party. We had friends, mostly from church, come over to our home to visit, snack, sing christmas songs, and listen to a few musical numbers. It was a nice evening. We guessed we had about 80 people here. Everyone came through our garage door and took off their coats and boots in the garage. By the time everyone left, Jeff and I were beat!

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Lindsay JJ said...

Hey Jeff and Lauren,
Thanks for the invite to your Christmas party. We were sorry we weren't able to make it.
We wanted to invite you to our sledding party this weekend but for some crazy reason we don't have your email anywhere, so if you could send that to us that would be great. hjnlj@hotmail We would love to see you guys and we know you two would appreciate our awesome sledding hill. :)