Monday, December 12, 2011

Jordyn's 4th b-day

On Friday the 9th it was your turn for your b-day party. It was at 10am. We invited church and school friends. You wanted a Cinderella party. I asked someone from church (a college girl) if she could come as Cinderella to your party. She was so excited and even told me she had a Cinderella costume so it was perfect.
The princess crown cake I made. It was just like Sydney's cake but with blue frosting.

You and Cinderella. So beautiful. You and your friends anticipated her arrival and when she came you guys got all quiet.

Cinderella sang you songs, read a book, and even painted everyone's faces. You picked a butterfly to be painted on your face.

You and your friends also made your own crowns to wear.
Then you wanted to paint Cinderella's face. She is such a nice princess.

You, Cinderella and your friends. This was your first birthday party and you loved all the attention.


trimarie said...

Such cute parties! I can't believe how much they are growing up.

Anonymous said...

Jordyn, the little princess is the cutest!! Wish I could have been there. XO

Shelbi said...

so cute and what a great cinderella, looks like the girls got to paint her face? Awesome! great party mom!