Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New haircuts

If you remember, Sydney cut her bangs last year. So she's pretty much has had a "poor kid she cut her own hair" hairdo for the past year. I've been waiting for her bangs to grow out. So she finally wanted to cut her hair all one length. We cut about 8 inches off. We love it. No more tangles in the morning and I think it's her cutest haircut yet. When we got home she hid while I made a big introduction to Jeff, Jordyn, and Levi, "Introducing a new 6 year old girl with a super hair cut. It's shorter, shiny, and best of all cute. Sydney Kaylin Shaw show everyone your new DO." She laughed and giggled and showcased her new hair cut. She made me do that about 5 more times and even skype my mom and dad and "introduce" her to them.
Jordyn saw all the excitement and wanted to have the same thing so the next morning I cut her hair (about 5 inches). I cut her summer blonde hair all off and lots of curls. "Introducing Jordyn Marie Shaw with her new gorgeous hair do...."
I actually straightened it in this picture.


Coordination Queen said...

Super cute haircuts! I want Kylie to get her hair cut, it would be so much easier to take care of.

trimarie said...

Soooo cute! They both look so grown up :)

Anonymous said...

Their hair looks so cute! I can't believe you actually cut Jordyn's hair yourself! Your talents are limitless!!