Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's Begin Christmas

On Nov. 30th, we have a tradition; the kids open up Christmas pj's to wear in Dec and afterwards. This year I added to the tradition. I wrapped up the book Elf on a Shelf. We read it and named our Elf, Jack (but that's being debated over so his name may change). The girls found Jack the Elf this morning placed on our mantle keeping tabs on the girls' behavior. There is one rule to Jack the Elf. #1 you can't touch him or he'll loose his "magic." He won't be able to report back to Santa and tell him if you were good. The girls wave, blow kisses, and talk to Jack the Elf, but no touchy.
Last night we also had a treat to go with our new jammies and book...snowmen doughnuts. The girls had a great night eating their dessert and reading the book. Everyday the girls will open a Christmas book until Christmas day and we will read that book. I think I have just enough Christmas books to get me to Christmas Eve. I'm looking forward to this month and we had to start if off right, right?

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Anonymous said...

Way, way FUN !! The kids look so cute in their pj's. Smart to have them wear them all month. I loved the snowmen treats. So they get a special treat every night? I want to come to your house!!