Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sydney's party

Tomorrow is Sydney's 6th b-day. Our kids are getting so much older which means that Jeff and I are too. Weird. Yesterday Sydney had her b-day party. Every other year they have a party and this year she wanted a "Rapunzel" party. I toiled as to what to do for that party. There are so many ideas, just take a glance on Pinterest. It's pretty overwhelming and so I wanted to keep it simple and not have to do much so....I thought about having Rapunzel come all the way from Disneyland to our home in Alaska and guess what, she came. The real story is that a college girl from the single's ward was rapunzel for halloween and came. When she walked in, Sydney and her friends went bonkers. They screamed and hugged her and then followed her around everywhere. She brought her frying pan and guitar. She sang songs, read the Rapunzel book, talked with the girls, and then painted their faces. It went perfect and I was able to enjoy the party because I wasn't doing anything but taking pictures. We also had a pinata in the basement, ate cake, opened presents, and that was it. The party was a success. Sydney had 10 friends over and gave every girl a hug after she opened the present they gave her.

Today church was cancelled due to icy roads and high winds so we just chilled at home. I filled out her B-day questionaire which she informed me that she wants to be a police officer when she's older, she wants me to make chicken nuggets, peas, and bread for dinner, told me her favorite subject in school is recess and lots of other little things. She mentioned that she'll miss being 5 because she wants to stay little. When asked what she wants to do tonight, the last night as a 5 year old she said, play Guess Who and Hide & Go Seek.

Sydney is a sweet girl. In her prayer tonight she mentioned that she's thankful our family will be together forever and that her best friends are me, Jeff, Jordyn, and Levi. It's hard to believe that she is 6. She'll always be my little girl.
My mom bought her this Rapunzel dress and wig way back in June and she's been saving it for her birthday party.
Aww...the cake. I've never decorated a cake before. Let's just say I was sore the next morning from frosting that beastly crown cake. It took 2 hours just to decorate. But it turned out better than I thought. Sydney loved it so it was worth it and I will be making another one next week for Jordyn's birthday.
Sydney with Rapunzel
With most of her friends
After Rapunzel painted Sydney's face, she painted her face.
About to blow out the candles
All her friends with their face painted.

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