Monday, April 30, 2012

Glad for a new week

This past week and weekend was kinda crazy. Jeff was gone for a few days. I had to pick someone up at the airport at 1am. Anything that conflicts with my sleep schedule is a huge sacrifice for me. I finally got over my sickness. I planned a ward carnival activity that was Friday night. I ran a 5K Saturday morning at 7am, and I had responsibilities for the Stake Women's Conference on Saturday. All this in addition to karate lessons, eye appts, watching a group of kids, and the constant worry about Jeff's job and our future.
The ward carnival was a lot of fun, at least for my family. We had a bounce house, face painting, someone to make the kids balloon swords, flowers, etc, fishing bond (w/ real fish), lots of races, pie eating contest, and other games. Jordyn caught one of the few real fish....and it's STILL ALIVE. I was surprised it lasted thru the night. She named him (I guess it's a boy) Super Power Boy. He chills in a vase. The pie eating contest seemed to be the hit of the party, at least for the adults. There's something funny (and a little disgusting) about seeing older people eat a pie as quickly as possible w/ their hands behind their backs.
The Stake women's Conference was awesome too. I haven't been in a stake that has had something like this. I was in charge of the setting up (tables and chairs) and the table decorations. The theme was "Choosing the better part" and so I put gumballs in vases and tin buckets w/ little signs that read, {chews}ing the better part. That's about as creative as I can get people. It wasn't too exciting, but it got the job done. I went to some neat classes: simplifying and finding balance in your life, romancing your sweetheart, and the power of the atonement.

Like I mentioned I ran the 5K Sat. morning. There were about 30 people that ran it. I'm not in running shape so I was shocked when I finished first. I'll take it though. I'm totally counting this as a first place finish, even though it wasn't a "race." I've never finished a race in first and I ran x-country in high school. If anyone is reading this that ran w/ me in HS you know just how pathetic I was. My only goal was "Don't come in last." Coming in first yesterday did wonders on my self esteem. You could've put me in a cage w/ a bunch of snakes I wouldn't have cried, okay....I probably really would have. But point being, coming in first made me feel like I could do anything for a few hours. I probably won't ever come in first in another race, so this will go down in my records' book for sure. I'm totally caught up with my sleep now, averaging 10 hours of sleep in the past 2 days.


Alice said...

YAY Lolo! Way to go! And I am with you on sleep. I have to get 8hrs a night to survive.

Anonymous said...

Jordyn should have named the fish "Super Hero Mom" of the Incredible Mom. amazing!

Kirsten said...

You didn't tell me you came in first! Good job!! Your amazing, seriously, amazing!!