Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Part 2

For the rest of the week we continued our Easter devotionals with pictures, videos, and reading scriptures. When we taught about when the Savior washed the apostles feet, we let the girls wash each others feet in a basin so they could serve each other. Saturday morning we left for a surprise get away. Well I knew, but I didn't tell Jeff or the kids. We drove to Talkeetna (2 hrs north) and we stayed in a small cabin that night. Talkeetna is a small, vintage town, all of 800 residents. It's also known as the gateway to Mt. McKinley. The cabin was AWESOME!
It's called the "Lil Cabin in the back"

Up the ladder. There was another full bed where I was taking the picture.
downtown Talkeetna
In the lodge playing Candyland and drinking some hot chocolate.

It's what you imagine cabins really were like a long time ago but w/ electricity and an electric fireplace. There was a queen and twin bed and a ladder that led to a loft above w/ 2 full beds. The kids played up in the loft and climbed up and down the ladder for hours. The girls slept up there while Levi and Jeff and myself slept down the ladder. We walked inside this lodge/restaurant to use the restrooms. That evening we walked around the town and went to the historical museum and ate dinner. It started snowing that night so we went back in the cabin and a little while longer before the kids went to bed. In the morning we had discovered that we BROKE THE RECORD. Anchorage has had the snowiest winter since recording began..133.something inches. That was the big hype up here. I'm glad we broke it and that we were able to live through it; what an accomplishment. haha. In the morning we ate breakfast, had a little Easter egg hunt, and I gave the kids their own Sunday bag a friend whipped up for me. The girls loved it. We went to the Talkeetna branch which was a great experience. There were about 15 people and then us. They meet in a senior community place. No pews. A table w/ coffee stuff to the side, and we were staring at exercise equipment while the speaker taught. The people were very nice and we still managed to feel the Spirit. Great Easter week and weekend. I can't talk about Easter without mentioning my graditude for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had such a fun time!! I wish we had stayed a day in Talkeetna instead of just pass through. The kids looks so happy. Happy kids happy parents- happy Easter!