Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1st tooth is out

On March 24, Sydney lost her bottom tooth. Her right one (of the two in the middle). It had been somewhat loose even in Hawaii. I had forgotten all about it until the day before it came out. She showed me how loose it was by pushing it forward w/ her tongue. That alone gets me queazy. The next day she decides she wants Jeff him to tie a string around her tooth and then tie that string to the door and have him slam the door shut. I'm not sure why she wanted to do it that way. I know I wouldn't, but she kept reassuring me that was the way she wanted to get it out. She had a lot of motivation too. The night before we ran into the school nurse and the school nurse said if she lost the tooth over the weekend she would still give her a tooth necklace that she usually only gives away when the student looses the tooth at school. Sydney was determined to get it out. We knew it wouldn't take much since it was so loose. We, correction Jeff, tied her tooth w/ string and then tied it to the door and WHAM, the tooth slid out from the string. This happened a few more times, until I suggested he use dental floss. Finally it worked, I got it on video tape. She didn't cry; just stared in the mirror at the empty space in her mouth and was cleaning the blood w/ tissue. The nurse gave her her tooth necklace and the tooth fairy gave her a dollar.

This is the same tooth fairy pillow my sister and I used when we were little. Now what do you do with your kids teeth? Keep them throw them away?

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Coordination Queen said...

The loose teeth make me queasy too! :) Right now I've got my kids teeth stored in separate boxes. I was laughing the other night as I put Aiden's 3rd tooth in the gold plated limoge. Kylie's are in a hand carved wooden box from Poland... ridiculous... but what else do you do with them?