Wednesday, March 13, 2013

lemonade stand

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful Saturday and the kids had picked tons of lemons from our tree. So naturally they had the idea to have a lemonade stand. Saturday morning they picked tons of lemons and we juiced them and made our own homemade lemonade (way better than the powder stuff).
 Sydney made signs and hung them on a few poles. I obviously made this one so people could read it easily.
 We all sat and stood on a corner two blocks from our home for 3-4 hours. We also sold gumballs as you can read on our sign. As cars drove by the girls, mostly Sydney, held the sign and shook it yelling, "lemonade, lemonade just like your grandma made." I think I laughed every time they said that. Sydney also wore a fanny pack to collect her money. She was way more into this whole thing than Jordyn was. She even started doing back bends to attract customers. She must get her selling intuition from Jeff. It worked because they made 97 dollars. Her goal was $40. They are saving for a puppy or trampoline. Jeff and I only helped when there were more customers than they could handle.
The most difficult thing was paying tithing on this money. They have only paid a dollar at a time and when we said they owed $9.70 Sydney was in shock. It took a week to talk about it before her and Jordyn both paid 4.75 each for tithing. The lemonade stand proved to be a learning lesson on many levels. Even Sydney mentioned that it was a lot of work. I'm proud of her work ethic she worked hard that day flagging people down, counting money, talking to people, getting an order right, tithing, cleaning up after and preparing for it all.

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Anonymous said...

She reminds me of you when you were little, always ready to earn money!!! It does teach many lessons!