Monday, August 12, 2013

back to school

Last night we had a special dinner as you can see. I decorated their plate with a Pencil treat cheap school supplies I bought at Walmart. For dinner we had homemade mac-n-cheese, veggies, and fruit.
The kids enjoyed checking out their new school supplies. Levi said, "you bought me a blue phone!" Sydney quickly learned how to use and calculator and the other two just pushed buttons around for a good 10 minutes before eating some cold mac-n-cheese, by the time the finally got to it.
Levi of course wanted to eat this cute sugar cookie our friend Jen gave to each of the kids.

Can't believe she's ready to go to school all day. This big girl starts Kindergarten. I have so many hopes and dreams for her. I'm excited to see who she'll be and where she'll be 13 years from now.
 Sydney is a rock star in school. It comes easy for her, but she does put a lot of time into it too. 2nd grade seems much bigger than Kinder and 1st. We know she will do well because she has so much drive and ambition with everything she does.
 LOVE these two girlies. Love them separately and together (when they're playing well together). Both are going to Benjamin Franklin. They built a new campus in a different location and have a new principal too. Lots of change, but excited for new teachers, friends, and personal growth.
 Jordyn is in Room 3 with Mrs. Andersen. Right now she sits in front on the far left. She was surprised to find this little pillow with her name on it and box of school supplies in her desk that the teacher gave her.
 Jordyn sits by her friend from church and preschool, Josh P. I'm sure it won't be for long. It's just how it is in alphabetical order. But I'm glad she has someone she recognizes the first day. She was already schmoozing it up with 2 other girls she's never met in her class. She was doing the talking and they were laughing. Glad she makes friends easily! She's not shy like I was.
 Sydney so excited for school. She was annoyed and said under her breath, "ugh. Tess is in my class." Tess is a sweet kid and is Sydney's biggest competitor in class. Sydney wants to be hands down the smartest and well-behaved kid in class and well, Tess, makes that difficult since she is just as smart and well-behaved as Sydney. awww, to have a competitive squirt has it's ups and downs :) Sydney is in Room 9 and her teacher is Mrs. Fonseth. Both of their teachers look and seem so nice and loving.
 I love this last picture of Jordyn and a couple of her classmates. It looks like she's the tallest girl in her class. Jeff and I stayed until flag ceremony where all the kids in the school gather in the gym


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! These pictures are so cute and their faces so filled with eager anticipation!! I loved the reflections you made about each of your children! Jordyn has always been tall for her age! Where does that come from? Aunt Brooke?

Carrie said...

I love that you documented all of this, you have such amazing kids and they have such an amazing mother!!

Kirsten said...

Your kids are so stinking cute! I can't believe you have two in school now.