Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 months

Macie is the cutest. I love her cheeks the most and she is now 5 months. She still sleeps through the night. She eat rice cereal and breast milk still. 
 This month she has discovered her hands and toes. She grasps toys and holds them in her hand.
 She takes 3 naps, but her awake time is definitely getting longer. She likes playing in her bouncer/activity center thing.
 Love her chunky thighs, giggles, small fingers, when her hand holds my finger, when I feed her and she strokes her face, seeing her smile at me when I pick her up from her crib.
 She more engaged with toys now. This one, Aunt Luisa made for her.

 Such a sweet girl, chill, happy, content (unless she's tired or hungry). So glad she joined our family.
Oh yeah, and everything goes into her mouth now so I've reminded the kids not to give her anything she can choke on.

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gammie said...

She is so big now and grown up!!! Not the little baby stage any longer! I loved the pictures of her exercising all her new talents with such gusto!!!!