Saturday, August 24, 2013

recent quotes

Levi--Monday: "I don't like Ms Tanya."
  Me: "Why?"
  Levi: "She tells me to play in the kitchen all the time."
  Me: "You'll get use to her. Let's get in the car."
Tuesday: "I don't like Ms Tanya."
Me: "Why?"
Levi: "She always tells me to sit down."
Me: "You'll get use to her. Let's get in the car."
Wednesday: "I don't like Ms Tanya?"
Me: "Why?"
Levi: "She doesn't give me candy."
Me: You'll get use to her. Let's get in the car."
Every day he says he doesn't like his teacher. I stopped asking why and just tell him he's a good student and she is a good teacher and that he'll get use to her. Everyday he comes home with 4 stars, the most you can get. The school has a web cam so I frequently check on him from our computer.

Levi: "Is Jesus 14 years old?"

Levi: "Mom, come here. I wanna show you something in the diamond room."
Me: "The diamond room?????"
Sydney: "He means the dining room."
Me: "Thanks for translating Sydney!"

Jordyn: "MOM! I danced with a boy today?
Me: "really? in PE?
Jordyn: "no. in music"
Jordyn: "I think Dillon likes me."
Me: "why do you think that?"
Jordyn: "he has a sparkle in his eye when he stares at me. He always stares at me."

I can't remember where we were but Jordyn said to me, "ewww. Mom, that girl had BOOB CRACK. Did you see?"

Sydney (brushing her teeth at night): "I think Colin has a crush on me."
Me: "What makes you say that?"
Sydney: "He picked me first in Heads up 7-up."

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