Sunday, August 25, 2013


Our church starts at 8am, which I love! We are morning people and so I'm okay with 8am and I love having so much time the rest of the day to relax, have family time, nap, prepare dinner, and have family home evening. Tonight was a much needed and inspired lesson on honoring mothers and fathers. Many times throughout the week I get very frustrated asking my kids to do something over and over and over, etc. Sometimes I want to cry because I'm tired and feel like a slave. I know they're young and don't understand that I do so much for them and it's frustrating when I ask them to do something little and they forget, don't do it, complain or whatever. I do so much in their behalf every. single. day. almost 24 hours a day. I guess it's just been one of those weekends. I can't even keep the house clean for more than 2 minutes before the kiddos destroy everything we all just cleaned up together. I also love pinterest and typed in "obey parents FHE" in the search box and boom found a great lesson. We watched a 5 min clip of Esther and how she obeyed her dad. I love it because I learn too. Of course I didn't know the story so I'm right there with the kids learning Bible stories I should probably know this story but I didn't. It's kinda sad, totally my fault, that I went to seminary and BYU and I can't recall many scripture stories. With the lesson we talked about what "honor" means. Read scriptures about parents obligations to teach their kids and kids obligations to their parents. It went over well with the kids that Jeff and I have work to do too. We weren't just telling them what to do but rather telling them what we need to do too: teaching them how to pray, walk uprightly before the Lord, feeding and clothing them,etc and they are to obey and honor us and not to fight with their siblings. We sang some songs, read a story, and played a memory game (thanks to this website with pictures and sentences about how to honor parents). It was one of those lessons that everyone participated, listened, and hopefully will retain the principles taught. Although sometimes difficult to be a parent I'm learning that it's definitely a marathon and not a race. It's something I can't give up on. With consistency, prayer, love, determination, and lots of patience, I hope my kids will grow up to have a strong testimony and a wonderful relationship with Jeff and I, each other, and the Savior.

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gammie said...

I remember those days myself! I don't think I handled it as well as you!