Sunday, August 11, 2013

Levi's 1st day

On Monday August 5th, Levi started Preschool at Kinderbugs. He was definitely excited about going.
 His teacher is Ms. Tanya. He goes in the afternoon on MWF. We car pool with his friend, Jacob.
 Levi and Jacob waiting until their teacher is ready to have them come in class.

 When Levi walks in the classroom, he puts his folder in a cubby, hangs up his backpack, and then put his water bottle on a table
 He finds his seat and practices tracing his name on a piece of paper. His school has a web cam and the first day I watched him from home on the computer. He is the student I suspected he'd be: well behaved, attentive, obedient, and follows direction. He is such a good boy in every way.
 Very focused and determined. Before going to school he was so cute telling Jeff and I, "I'm gonna learn to write my letters all by myself."

I asked Levi what his favorite thing to do at school is and he said, "coloring and penciling."
I mentioned what a good boy Levi is. Here is a good example. One afternoon I was getting dinner ready and spilled about 250 toothpicks. I didn't pick it up because I didn't feel like it and I was dealing with dinner and running up and down stairs trying to get Macie to take her nap. I was finishing up dinner when Levi handed me all the toothpicks in the box and said, "here mom. I picked these up for you." I was so impressed and taken back. I know the girls had walked by these toothpicks and didn't pick them up and now Levi saw them and picked them up without even asking. I praised him being thoughtful and serving me. 


Anonymous said...

What a sweet guy Levi is! I can't believe he picked up all the toothpicks!! He looks so proud of himself at school! Love that boy!!!

Carrie said...

Oh my heavens k can't believe he is old enough to be in school WOW where does the time go and he is such a sweet boy!