Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wonder Woman

My morning Thursday morning:
6:30-7:20- run 4 1/2 miles
7:20-8:00-jump in pool to cool off. Finish making lunches and take kids and Gabe to school
8:30-9:30 feed Macie, put her to sleep, take shower, clean kitchen from breakfast mess. Drive to Costco, only to find out it doesn't open until 10 am and think "Man, I have to do Costco, unload the stuff at home and make it to Levi's gymnastics at 11."
10:20: at checkout line at Costco after spending $340. We were pretty much out of everything (diapers, toilet paper, etc). Wow. I just spent $340 in 20 minutes with Levi and Macie in tow.  Macie was in a baby carrier in front of me. Levi was hanging on the cart while I was throwing in all sorts of stuff to full cart capacity. People staring and making comments to me. Yes, I'm psycho people. On my way home I think, "why did I just do that to myself?" This is something I should have waited until Jeff was with me to help out. By this time temps are reaching 100 degrees and I loaded all this stuff in my car and had to unload it at home. But I even impressed myself and made it to Levi's gymnastics with 5 minutes to spare. How I did all that I do not know, but I texted Jeff about it and his response was, "you did that because you're Wonder Woman." He says that frequently to me. As I think about it though, I honestly think it's because I went running. I enjoy exercising, mostly for how it makes me feel. It gives me energy, I feel like I conquered something, I feel strong, it gives me confidence (raising 4 young children I need that), and it's a great way to start my day if the effects are gonna be what it is. I'm grateful for the body I have to run, jump, move freely, dance, lift weights, kick box, and more and appreciate the positive effects it carries over to my physical, mental and emotional state for the rest of the day.


gammie said...

You are Wonder Woman!!! I've seen you dressed in the outfit!! :)

Kirsten said...

You are Wonder Woman!! I am especially impressed with spending $340 in 20 minutes with two kids in tow!