Sunday, September 29, 2013

half of a year

This girl of mine is half of a year old! 6 months, 180 days? That sounds so long ago yet feels like a month. She started rolling over on her tummy the beginning of this month and now she rolls over back and forth and on her actually 6 month b-day she did a plank and got on her knees. She sits up but after awhile she falls to the side. She also grew her two front bottom teeth. Luckily she hasn't used those teeth to bite me. She's started on baby food including sweet potatoes, apples/strawberries, and bananas. Of those 3 she prefers sweet potatoes. Last weekend she had her first bike ride and loves being outside. When we're hanging out in our backyard she loves to stare at the moving palm trees. Tomorrow she goes to the pediatrician for measurements and vaccines. Many people today at church mentioned how much she resembles Levi. During the day I sing to her, read, sign, talk, play, and feed her. Peek-a-boo gets her to smile, signing the ABC song helps her to stay still so I can change her diaper or put clothes on her, and her soft "whoobies" aka blankets comfort her as she sleeps. Macie is a happy, easy going baby. We love her like crazy! Macie weighs 18 lbs (85%) and is 27.9 inches (98%). Her head circumference  is 16.7 inches. Her dark newborn has fallen out and her hair is definitely light. Her cradles cap is 98% gone.
 I love her profile pictures. She was busy looking at the fan blowing in our direction. It's still warm here.
 On my goodness. Seriously love her big, blue eyes and round cheeks.
 6 months old. What a big girl.
 One of the kids is making her laugh

 Neck, thigh, and arm chub is so yummy. Can't get enough of this cute chunk.


Kirsten said...

I wish I could squish her cute little thighs!!! She is so adorable!! I can't believe it's been six months already. Slow down!

gammie said...

Macie is seriously so cute! she always looks so alert and happy!! I can hardly wait to see all of them soon!!!!