Monday, September 2, 2013


Sydney has to be one of the sweetest little girls I know. She's always very willing to do things I ask of her (in most cases). I can't think of the word but she gets very teary-eyed telling me how much she loves me and how much I do for her, usually at night before bed. She's probably tired and it's the first time of the day where she finally lets down from school, homework, playing, and whatever extracurricular activity she's accomplished, but I soak it all in. I'm very impressed that she's looking beyond herself and now seeing how much I do for her and then I'm sure she'll recognize how much teachers, coaches, and other family members do too. But right now I'm happy she expresses those feelings to me and I can reassure her just how much I LOVE AND ADORE HER! I feel honored and so blessed she's my daughter and part of our family. Oh, and this morning when I came home from the gym she was so excited to show me all she did when I was gone. She single handedly clean the entire upstairs: vacuuming everyone's room and making everyone's bed and picking up all the rooms and bathrooms. What a great sister to even clean her siblings room.
She's looking forward to her baptism which won't be until Jan. 11th. We're still working on the Book of Mormon we read every day. We're only in Alma 11. I don't think we'll read it all by the time she gets baptized but we'll be close to finishing. She's putting a lot of pressure on herself as to who to ask to speak, prayer, lead music, etc for her baptism. She wants to play I am A Child of God on the violin at her baptism. Her enthusiasm for the gospel and making the right choice is infectious. I can learn a lot from Sydney's example!

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gammie said...

Sydney really is a very special girl!!! I love her so much and I'm so proud of the initiative she took to help clean the upstairs!!!!!