Saturday, September 7, 2013

soccer season

So this is the first season our kids are playing outdoor soccer. I have the sunburn to prove it. It was overcast today and even drizzling in the morning but I didn't put on sunblock. In AK, soccer was indoor. So this week the kids had their first practice and received their jersey. At each practice the kids had several jersey's before getting the one they got. I didn't realize until this picture that they all ended up with 6. We laughed when we realized it was 666. 

 Levi's jersey is orange and his team is named the Tigers. The coach is named Coach Collin. Levi did so well for his first game. I forgot counting the goals he made at 5, but I think he made about 9 goals. 3 kids play at a time. No one counts the goals. Levi just kept kicking the ball and wasn't shy about it like some other kids and understood the purpose of kicking it into the net. It was so fun to watch. He tried to pick up the ball once. One time he kicked the ball out of bounds and kept running and kicking it after it went out of bounds. It's so cute watching kids at this age play. Every time he made a goal he was expressionless.

 Jordyn's team is "Green Thunder." She has a boy friend that is on her team. When she went to her first practice we learned that a girl just two houses down is on her team so both were super excited to find out they were on the same team. I was most impressed with Jordyn today. She going after the ball, listening to her coach, trying her best, running, and focused. Last time she was 4 when she played at didn't do any of that. It made me believe that she could be an athlete after all. Of course it's okay if she's not, but it was so neat to see a spark of competition in her that we hadn't seen before. Jordyn also played goalie for a bit and blocked 2 shots. Her team won, but I don't think they keep score at this age either.

 Levi was actually very excited to wear his soccer uniform and play. When the shirt is untucked it goes past his knees.
 Sydney is on team "black widow." She is on a co-ed team. It doesn't phase her that she's playing against boys. I couldn't go to her game because I was at home while Macie napped but I saw the video Jeff took. She is not intimated that these boys have played soccer more than her. She dribbled right through a small crowd of boys. She also played goalie and blocked 2 shots. Her team tied 1-1.

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gammie said...

Three little stud muffins!!! They are so cute in their uniforms and on the field!! I can't wait to go to their stuff when we come!!