Monday, May 19, 2014

Bahama Buck's party

A Bahama Buck's update: we had an 'avalanche crew' party last night. They wanted a party before the craziness of summer begins. A few employees planned the whole thing with a pot luck and some games. Most everybody came, a lot not in this picture. We were trying to make a human pyramid here. We also played the human knot game, flavor knockout, and Mafia. It was a lot of fun. It seem like everyone else had fun too. I feel like we're all cousins hanging out, like extended family. We've fired 2 people since we opened and recently hired 6. Our employees are fun, smart, and i genuinely like them all. I think we have a great group if you can't tell. This last Saturday we broke a Arizona and our own record. We sold over $6,000 in one day. That was awesome. Now that we have our feet under us, we're able to make some improvements. We broke up with one of our vendors that was pretty much bringing our supplies to us. Now we have our managers go to 3 stores to get everything we need. This saves us lots of $. We started holding our flavors in 5 and 6 gallon containers to save us time during those busy times on the weekend. We bought 2 tablets to run in the drive thru and one in the store. The one in the drive-thru has cut waiting time substantially. We hired a cleaning co. to clean the floors, bathrooms, take out trash, clean drainers and this actually saves us money too. Now that the shop is in order I, personally, plan to focus more time on selling our products to school for fundraising. Of course school is just finishing up here this week. I hope to sell our pre-made 'snow blast' to school to sell at their football games or lunch or whatever. Our first school purchased 500 for the last day of school. I'm curious to see how it works out for them.
 Here is our GM that moved from Texas. She is awesome and just as of recently, Macie let her hold her. That is huge for Macie. She doesn't like anyone holding her besides me or Jeff. She has saved our lives with her expertise. She eats dinner with us every Sunday. Everyone else loves her too and we're just so glad that she alleviates most of the stress that we previously had.

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Kirsten said...

I'm so glad you have an awesome manager! I'm also in awe of you and Jeff. I think it's so cool that you've started this business and are working hard to make it successful. Your kids are learning and watching and I know they will be better prepared for their lives because of your example to them.