Monday, May 19, 2014

super-human powers

Yesterday at church I saw a girl in a wheel chair who suffers physically and mentally, needs constant care, and bound to a wheel chair. She was having a particularly rough day and was visibly in pain. At one point her mom wasn't sure if she was having a seizure or not. It broke my heart. I was standing there helpless while my eyes welled up with tears. I blinked a few times to avoid actually crying. I get this way when I see people in pain whether they are old or handicapped or whatever. Some people wish they could have the super human power to eat whatever they want or fly, or something else. My super human power wish I had were to heal those who suffer with physical ailments and make their pain go away. My favorite thing about Christ is how he healed the sick, made the blind see and the deaf hear.
Last week we were at Del Taco and we saw a guy in a wheel chair that was non-verbal, couldn't walk,  only could drink from a sippy cup and other issues. Of course my kids walked in and stared. I pushed them along so they would not stare. They played, ate, and on our way out, I decided to talk to this guy in the wheel chair that was with caregivers. Even though I knew he couldn't talk, I asked him his name, introduced the kids to him. I gave him a coupon to Bahama Buck's and asked if he liked shaved ice, etc. I asked him how old he was and the caregiver said 35 to which I replied we were the same age. He seemed happy that we were talking to him and got excited that we were the same age. I was glad the kids could see me talk to him and not we "scared" or "nervous" to talk to someone with obvious disabilities. When the lady told me he was 35, I was shocked. Shocked that I take all my seemingly simple, physical tasks for granted like drinking from a cup, holding a cup, wiping my mouth if something is on it, and so on. My heart was saddened that he has endured 35 years of pain every day.  He is "stuck" in this poorly-conditioned physical body. These people are my heroes. I can't imagine enduring so much pain and suffering for so long. It makes me so happy that they will receive full body renewal and enjoy the blessing of the celestial kingdom. They truly deserve it after all they've endured on this earth!

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Kirsten said...

That would be so amazing to be able to take away pain and suffering from someone else.